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Empowering Young Girls through Sports

 Hundreds of girls attended at the YUSOM girls' empowerment basketball games in Eastliegh, click for more

Members of Somalia's Olympic committee and YUSOM  officials 


From left YUSOM chairman Farhan, Mr Botan, Mr Isomarey, Mr Baskuwale and YUSOM sports chairman Abdijamal Halane line up after meeting, click for more

Somali ambassador to Kenya Hon. Mr. Mohamed Ali Noor (Americo )discusses YUSOM over youth issues

From left YUSOM vice chair-lady Amina Osman, Amina Mawel, in middle Somali ambassador to Kenya Hon. Mr.Mohamed Ali Noor (Americo), forth left are Ahmed Irro and Ahmed Robin

Newly elected Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan straight talk to youth in Eastliegh

Newly elected Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan talks to hundreds of youth in YUSOM organised youth straught talk to area politicians

UN-Habitat and UNDP host global Youth21 conference

YUSOM  vice president and deputy excutive director Farhan M Hanshi at the UN-Habitat and UNDP host global Youth21 conference in NairabI, click for more

Youth counter-piracy conference

Galmudug Authority's minster for Fisheries and Marine Resources Mohamed Ali Gurey addressing the youth participants at the YUSOM organised conference on piracy. 

Monday 20th February 2012

Youth united for Social Mobilization (YUSOM) with the use of strong voices of its members warned Somali youth living in different parts of Nairobi not to become pirates and urged them to avoid falling to the their trap.

At a one day conference organized by the Youth United for Social Mobilization (YUSOM), a youth led organization representing more than 920 youth members from Easliegh, Northeastern Kenya, and south central

Somalia have called greater and accountable awareness action to combat the problem of piracy in Somalia and its effects throughout the region as well. Speakers included Galmudug administration Minister of Fisheries Hon. Mr. Hassan Said Samatar, TFG and Puntland Members of Parliament, women activists, prominent Muslim clerics and scholars.


Farhan Mohamed Hanshi YUSOM chairman said “We have seen UN, Ngos and other stake holders raising this agenda many times, but why not youth stand up and create discussion within themselves to raise awareness? He exclaimed “we have always seen all these international conferences taking place but our youth are still falling into the trap of piracy just because of brain washed, or been lured of quick big money payments on the high seas, which is unquestionably risk and life threatening for them” the chairman added “I can’t see something to be happy with, and I think most importantly is we need to spread the word among the youth”

The youth chairman Mr. Farhan said the piracy conference reflects and unveils some of the pressing challenges and risks posed by the gang group.
Farah Mohamed Yusuf a youth activist speaking at the conference condemned the international community of acting reluctantly to diminish piracy along the Somali coastline, he said ” You must know that piracy is an imported problem and not a problem created by the Somalis.
Ahmed Mohamed Halane, chairman of the Somali Data Information on Piracy Organization, a Mogadishu-based anti-piracy group said that he was impressed by this fantastic campaign by YUSOM, speaking at the conference, Mr. Ahmed expressed concern over pirates’ recruitment of young Somali men from Kenya and taking them to the coast as interpreters. Mr Halane underlined the reason of problem because of many Somali youth in Kenya highly literate and simply not knowing much about the risk of being a pirate. 

Sheikh Ali Ragge who is a prominent moderate cleric commended YUSOM’s efforts “Today seeing our youth that were used to be fuelled in wars, turning against the crime, that reminds me how pirates can be defeated” Sheikh Ali on what holy Quran said about piracy  told the spectators about the Quranic interpretations on the issue “Allah says in his own words that he who acts anything disgusting on passages, such as roads, sea or tunnel are against him and his messenger”  having noted that it is sinful to extort, loot other mankind’s property or to be taken as ransom, so piracy is not allowed in Islam” .
An on-stage drama full of joy and entertainment kept laughter as the young men and women learnt through plays and lectures about the dangers of becoming a pirate.

It was the first ever piracy awareness conference to be hosted by youth, attended by hundreds of delegates mainly from members of YUSOM that exceed nearly 1,000, local youth organizations, Somali anti piracy organizations striving to combat piracy and honored dignitaries from the piracy frontline adminstrations of Galmudug state and Puntalnd, local Easliegh business committee, famous writers and artists.  
The Final Declaration that came out from the conference expresses serious concern at the growing number of youth being drowned into piracy action unknowing its enormous dangers and Youth voices called for more awareness initiatives to empower youth through education and information.
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