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YUSOM at Garissa Youth Project's (G-Youth) 2012 Youth Action Summit

YUSOM crew performing drama at the Garissa Youth Project's (G-Youth) 2012 Youth Action Summit in Garissa, click for more

Honored guests and Youth leaders who joined hands in the UN-Habitat and UNDP hosted global Youth21 conference

From left Thabo Mbeki, former President of South Africa and YUSOM farhan m hanshi  vice president and deputy excutive director at the UN-Habitat and UNDP host global Youth21 conference in NairabI, click for more


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Empowering Young Girls through Sports

 Hundreds of girls attended at the YUSOM girls' empowerment basketball games in Eastliegh, click for more

Members of Somalia's Olympic committee and YUSOM  officials 


From left YUSOM chairman Farhan, Mr Botan, Mr Isomarey, Mr Baskuwale and YUSOM sports chairman Abdijamal Halane line up after meeting, click for more

Somali ambassador to Kenya Hon. Mr. Mohamed Ali Noor (Americo )discusses YUSOM over youth issues

From left YUSOM vice chair-lady Amina Osman, Amina Mawel, in middle Somali ambassador to Kenya Hon. Mr.Mohamed Ali Noor (Americo), forth left are Ahmed Irro and Ahmed Robin

Newly elected Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan straight talk to youth in Eastliegh

Newly elected Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan talks to hundreds of youth in YUSOM organised youth straught talk to area politicians

UN-Habitat and UNDP host global Youth21 conference

YUSOM  vice president and deputy excutive director Farhan M Hanshi at the UN-Habitat and UNDP host global Youth21 conference in NairabI, click for more



Youth United for Social Mobilization (YUSOM), is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization, free from political, clans, religion and ethnic divisions, works with thousands of youth in urban and rural areas throughout South- central Somalia and in Easliegh, and north-eastern Kenya. YUSOM strives to create a future where youth are able to facilitate their own development. YUSOM works in program areas of Youth Entrepreneurship and Micro financing, promotion of environment and agriculturical development, Youth empowerment, capacity building, mentorship, grassroots community mobilization and awareness, technology, lobbying, and research.

YUSOM encourages and strengthens collective social, economic, cultural, and environmental, peace and technological initiatives developed by youth themselves. YUSOM strives to remove obstacles to youth empowerment so that they have sustainable livelihoods and successful living standards.

YUSOM an all youth inclusive organization, is based in the centre of the largest youth community and is entirely staffed by youth members, aiming to assist marginalized and disenfranchised youth, to help them create and sustain income generating, lead a healthy life, access the benefits of ICT and have a better understanding of their rights as citizens. Unlike most organizations working with youth, YUSOM enables youth to come up with their own solutions in open forums, rather than dictating them what to do.

YUSOM was founded in February 2008 by a group youth intellectuals comprising of men and women after releasing the need of the youth in the development stages so that they can play a greater role in the development of their own communities. Registered at the Kenyan Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) bureau and in Somalia, under the ministry of home affairs.

YUSOM visions to change the lives of youth towards a positive lifestyle, and get a society in which the youth are able to facilitate their own development and their communities in general.

YUSOM Mission is to build a youth-centered community by first empowering under privileged youth through sports, skill- empowerment, education and various extra circular activities.


  • To support youth undertake their own development
  • To unite and empower young people both socially and economically
  • To improve the youth creativity and access to information that can help to a positive transformation
  • To create environment that youth can participate in decision making
  • To promote awareness and wellbeing of youth by working towards promoting gender equality, youth rights, alleviating poverty,  hunger, abuse, HIV/AIDs and violence, through providing economic opportunities, developing life skills, promoting healthy living and holding sporting events, drama acting, debates and trainings.
  • To conduct and encourage research on youth related issues
  • To promote environmental awareness,  preservation and agricultural development
  • To establish youth Empowerment and training centres like shared forum facilities for Youth and Community groups, a chance to introduce themselves, reach out and share thoughts, comments, issues, advice and experience with others


YUSOM aims to see youth community free from illiteracy, poverty and marginalization


  • Integrity
  •  Equity
  • Responsibility
  • Inclusiveness
  • Responsiveness
  • Transparency and Accountability

1.    Somali Trust Foundation(STF)
2.    Safe Aid Foundation(SAF)
3.    Kenya Transitional Initiative (KTI)
4.    Peace and development initiative community organization (PADICO)


YUSOM draws its members from different areas in Nairobi, Somalia and Northeastern
Kenya etc. Currently the organization has over 1829 members, of whom 728 are female and 1101 are male. These members are divided in two categories
•    Founded Members
•     Honorary Members/ volunteers


YUSOM geographical coverage includes Somalia particularly the South-central regions, Somaliland and  in Kenya’s northeastern region, and in Easliegh, Nairobi suburb.  
YUSOM gets its main financial support from Easliegh business community, youth member contributions and other national and international organizations like USAID and Somali Aid Foundation.


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